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Advanced CNC precision automatic lathe

– How to machine precise parts

Most of high precision parts need to be machined by CNC precision automatic lathe. Topwio China CNC precision automatic lathe is suitable for machining precise and small parts, especially precise parts with strict requirements. So, how can we achieve high precision and efficient processing on CNC precision automatic lathe? Following are the high efficiency and precision of CNC precision automatic lathe.

At present, one of the most popular machining technology in the world is multitasking machining, which is an advanced manufacturing technology. Multitasking machining means several different processing run on one machine lathe. Composite machining is the most widely used and the most difficult. The Turning-Milling composite machining center is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center.

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China CNC precision automatic lathe machining

The advantages of Turn-Mill Multitasking machining:

First, during grooves processing and root cleaning, discontinuous surface processing can cause intermittent cutting. During normal turning, this operation can cause poor surface quality and tool wear in advance because of impact loads. During Turn-Mill Multitasking machining, the tool is milling cutter, and milling itself is intermittent cutting in the periodic change of load.

Second, chip shaping is difficult during turning process when material is long chip material. The milling cutter used in multitasking machining produces short chips, which improves the control of chips.

CNC precision automatic lathe machining

Thirdly, when machining crankshaft or spindle with eccentric journal, if running turning process, the eccentric quality of workpieces can cause unbalanced force which has a negative impact on the product. But Turn-Mill multitasking machining avoids such negative impact because of the low speed of the workpiece. The introduction of Turn-Milling compound processing in production solves the processing problems and greatly improves the output.

It can finish the complete machining processing with only one-time clamping on CNC precision automatic lathe

The spindle speed range of precision automatic lathe is 200-10000r/min. CNC precision automatic lathe has a maximum borehole diameter of 6 mm, four hole processing tools, five cylindrical turning tools, four power tool heads and cutting speed of 1-6000 mm/min.

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