Precision Machined Parts China

Precision Machined Parts

High precision machining parts manufacturing—we make your ideas happen. Topwio specializes in motor parts, shaft, pistons, appliance equipment parts, and assemblies using CNC machines and other tools. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment help to archive the Precision Machined Parts that customers need. Topwio has quality certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 16949.

custom aluminum parts components

Custom Aluminum Parts

TopWio has machined aluminum parts for over 10 years. Our machinists and engineers understand the eccentricities of all the major aluminum alloys. We offer a wide range of CNC manufacturing solutions and have rich experience in making electronic enclosures, vehicle parts, medical device components, spur gears and much more.

automotive machining engine crank

Automotive Machining

Machining automotive parts, aerospace machining service, TopWio provide automotive manufacturing & precision machining services for automotive components, parts, & assemblies and machined engine parts

Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum machine shop, custom aluminum parts, aluminum CNC machining service, aluminum machining center in China. TopWio have experienced engineer team to make your design to aluminum precision machined parts for your equipment.

How to Select The Right Precision Machining Supplier

Market demand for machined parts and precision machining parts is at an all-time high, procurement professionals is facing major challenges to locate and source capable machining supply partners.

CNC Parts Machining Tools (2)

CNC Parts Machining Tools (1)

Tools for machining external surfaces, including turning tools, planers, milling cutters, broaches, files etc; Tools for holemaking, including drill bits, reaming drills, boring cutters, reamers and internal surface scraping out cutter, etc.

Skill Tips Of CNC Machining

Skill Tips Of CNC Machining

TopWio has factory equipped with machining center, milling machines, turning machines, EDM machines, Grinding machines. We offer precision cnc machining service to worldwide customers in China.

What Are The Basic Machining Methods In Machining Processing

What Are The Basic Machining Methods In Machining Processing

TopWio is engaged in CNC machining service. There are many types of CNC lathes with different sizes. The types of modern machine models are almost infinite. Some CNC machines are small enough to be mounted on workbenches, some are large enough to be accommodated by building special workshops.

Custom Aluminum Parts Cnc Diesel Engine Parts

Common Problems And Solutions Of CNC Machining Center

The sudden loss of parameters may be related to the memory board, battery or external interference. 930 also indicates that external interference may cause abnormal CPU operation and system alarm.

Different Types Of Hardware And Stamping Parts

Different Types Of Hardware And Stamping Parts

There are various kinds of hardware products with different specifications, but hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Choosing good hardware accessories can make decorative materials safer and more convenient to use.

Custom Precision Aluminum CNC Parts

Machine Coolant

Machine coolant plays a considerable role in machining process. The most basic requirement is to improve accuracy and reduce the tool grinding abrasion. At the same time, it must be rust-proof, mildew-proof and easy-clean.

How to ensure the precision parts (3)

How to ensure the precision parts?

It is difficult to machine precise stainless steel parts. The important thing is choosing cutting tools. Here we will look at the selection of cutting tools by material, the difficulties of processing and the solutions.

Heat treatment of motor shaft parts

Heat treatment of motor shaft parts

Quenching and tempering: 45 steel is a medium carbon structural steel with fine cold and hot properties, good mechanical properties, low cost. Its bad point is that the hardenability is low, is not suitable for workpieces with big section size and high requirements.

Metal Steel Sheet Laser Cutting Bending Welding Stamping Parts

Operation steps of precision machining

Operation steps of precision machining: 1. Finishing process: This principle means some polishing process, which is usually done after the product has been finished the structure.

Precision Equipment Components Black Anodized Aluminum Cnc Machining Parts

Machining Allowance – CNC Precision Machining China Factory

In order to produce qualified parts, the thickness of the metal layer that must be cut off from the blank is called machining allowance. Machining allowance can also be divided into working allowance and total allowance.