Skill Tips Of CNC Machining

1. The speed of white steel knife should not be too fast.

2. It is better to use fly cutter or alloy cutter for copper open rough, not white steel knives.

3. When the workpiece is too high, it is better to use different length cutters to open rough stratifiedly.

4. After opening rough with a large cutter, using a small cutter to clean up the remaining material, so as to ensure that the remaining is consistent before smoothing cutting.

Skill Tips Of CNC Machining (2)
Skill Tips Of CNC Machining

5. Flat bottom cutter is used in plane machining, not ball cutter is,in order to reduce processing time.

6. When clearing the angle, check radius on the angle first, then determine the size of ball cutter.

7. The four corners of the calibration plane should be same level.

8. Where the inclination is an integer, using the inclined cutter to machine, such as pipe position.

9. Before each process, think clearly about the allowance after the previous process, so as to avoid empty cutter or excessive processing.

10. Try to follow a simple path, such as external form, chamfer, one side , less circumferential etc.

11. When running WCUT, if you can run FINISH, don’t run ROUGH.

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