China CNC Machining Service

Rapid Prototyping And Low-Volume Manufacturing

TopWio would be your one-stop factory for CNC machining parts, Custom Aluminum Parts, CNC turned components. From low volume to high volume production, we will run as our quality system strictly. With Swiss-type automatic lathe, we can achieve very close tolerance: 0.005mm. For CNC milling parts, we can machine a part in one chucking with 4 axis vertical CNC milling machining centers,

With state-of-the-art equipment, we are proud to provide high quality CNC turned parts. Therefore we offer CNC turning service and can get custom turning parts up to 25 inches in length with tolerance ±0.0002 in.

Moreover, CNC rapid prototyping is the fast production of prototypes using CNC lathes. Since there is no human intervention in the prototyping,  this type of prototype production is widely used for the production of medical, aerospace and specialized engineering spare parts and components.CNC prototyping is a very fast and accurate method to make your design into reality.TopWio CNC rapid prototyping does provide for higher tolerances, stronger parts, and smoother surfaces.

swiss machining 1

Swiss Machining

  • Close tolerance of +/- .0002in.
  • CNC turning up to 8in.
  • Faster and Higher precision
rapid prototype china

Finishing Services

  • Anodizing, sandblast anodized
  • Zinc plating, chrome plating, nickel plating
  • Polishing, heat treatment
Precision Milling CNC Machining Aluminum Cylinder Heads Parts Assembly

Assembly Service

  • Configure and assemble components
  • Motor assembly, electrical assembly.
  • Hydraulic assemblies, medical equipment assembly

Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Precision stamping parts
  • Any thickness, any tolerance, any quantity
  • Low cost sheet metal fabrication
jig and fixture factory

Jig and Fixture

  • Rapid tooling, jaw chucks
  • Custom tooling manufacturing
  • Highly accurate, multiple iterations