CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

Machine EquipmentMachining Center/CNC Lathes/Grinding Machines/Milling Machines/Lathes, machines/Laser Cutting machines/CNC Shearing machines
ProcessingTuring/Milling/Drilling/Wire EDW/Welding/Casting/Forging/Assembling
MaterialAluminum/copper/Stainless steel/Ball Bearing steel/Abrasive/tool steel

(If you need any other materials, please contact us to discuss.)

Surface TreatmentBlacking/Polishing/Annodizing/Chrome plating/Zinc plating/Nickle plating/Chrome Plating
/tinting/titanium nitriding/etc
Products designCustomized as customer ’ drawings or samples
Inspect toolingtool microscope/digital micrometer/inside micrometer/electronic digital/display caliper/
automatic height guage/levels of marble platform/ring guage

CNC machining has the following advantages:

(1)A large amount of reduction in the number of the tooling and the complex parts of the parts do not require complex tooling.

(2)The processing quality is stable and the processing precision is high.

(3)It can reduce the time of production preparation, machine adjustment, and process inspection, and the cutting time is reduced by using the best cutting volume.

(4)It is possible to process complex surfaces that are difficult to be machined by conventional methods, and can even process some unobservable parts.