Aluminum Fuel Oil CNC Gas Tank Cap Blue Anodized

  1. Aluminum Fuel Oil CNC Gas Tank Cap Blue Anodized
  2. Material: Aluminum,Stainless steel,Carbon steel,Brass,Copper,Bronze,Plastic or as per your requirements
  3. Equipment: Machining center, CNC, Lathe, Turning machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine,Internal and external grinding machine, Tapping drilling machine
  4. Surface finish: Polishing, and Chrome plating, zinc plating, blackening, Nickel plating, Electrophoresis, Anodization
  5. All parts produced according to your CAD and 3D drawings or sample. Please send the drawings firstly, we will offer our quotation to you within 2 days.
  6. Our factory is specialized in manufacturing CNC machining products according to customers drawings or samples
  7. Advanced equipment, excellent R&D teams and strict quality control system
  8. These kinds of parts were made by high precision CNC machines. All the dimension were made as per customer requests .
  9. Quality precision machined parts was 100% inspected before shipment.
  10. Application: Electronics products, Surgical instruments, Automotive parts, Optical products, test instrument etc
  11. Designing and manufacture of your unique metal products;
    Turning your idea to be a real nice products;
    The most advanced test equipments to ensure the qualit