Operation steps of precision machining

1. Finishing process: This principle means some polishing process, which is usually done after the product has been finished the structure.

2. Plane first and hole second: In the process of machining precision parts, for workpieces such as brackets, it is necessary to machine both plane and mechanical holes. In order to reduce the accuracy error of the holes, it is beneficial to reduce the error by processing the plane first and hole second.

3. Divide the processing stage: During precision machining, different degrees of processing need to be divided according to the different product requirements. If the accuracy requirement is not high, then a simple rough processing stage is enough. The progress requirement of the product is stricter and stricter, followed by semi finishing and finishing.

4. Benchmark first: When using mechanical equipment to machine products, a benchmark must be determined so that there is a reference for positioning in subsequent processing. After determining the benchmark, the benchmark must be machined first. During machining mechanical parts, there will be many parts not produced by one-time production, but when the parts are produced, it is only a rough model.

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