Machine Coolant

Machine coolant plays a considerable role in machining process. The most basic requirement is to improve accuracy and reduce the tool grinding abrasion. At the same time, it must be rust-proof, mildew-proof and easy-clean. Now it has added environmental protection – no harm to skin, no toxic and no harmful additives (such as nitrite, nitrate, strong toxic fungicides, etc.) , as well as no mineral oil.

At present, imported coolants, including water-soluble coolant, emulsified coolant and oil-based coolant. These coolants are suitable for grinding machines, machining centers and large machining equipment with well-supported facilities.

The main problems of water-based coolant in the process of machining are: 1. easy to be denatured; 2. poor rust resistance; 3. poor cleaning.
(Oil based coolant is normally used for high precision parts and machines with smaller capacity. )

The above problems caused mainly by following reasons:
1. Problems of processing equipment itself: For example, in grinding process, when there is no chip removal system, iron chips are floating on liquid, processing equipment has many dead corners, the design of circulation system is unreasonable, and the medicine trough is not easy to clean, which easily causes the cooling fluid in circulation system.It decreases rust resistance. A good equipment should have a well-designed chip removal and precipitation system, a drug-liquid circulation system and an easy-to-move drug-liquid tank.

2. The bactericide in the coolant directly affects the service life. Too much bactericidal will damage people skin. It should have the properties of non-toxicity, stability, good bactericidal effect and easy decomposition. Under the same conditions, the coolant containing too much mineral oil is liable to deteriorate, the PH value of the deteriorated coolant decreases, and the rust resistance decreases. When the PH value decreases little, the deterioration of coolant is usually caused by cleaning and sterilization. Generally speaking, the more organic matter content, the more easily the water-based coolant deteriorates.The inorganic coolant can have longest life. At present, high performance inorganic coolant has not been developed, and ordinary machine tools are used more.

3. Antirust property is another important index of coolant. Not only parts should not rust in short time, but also machine tools should not rust. The anti-rust time is more than 3 days in dry winter and 2 days in summer.It is necessary to measure the pH value of coolant regularly. PH value is low and rust resistance decreases. PH value is generally 8.0-9.0. High pH will damage the skin. Refractive index also determines rust resistance and processability. The rust resistance of water-based coolant is one of several indicators of coolant. It can not be expected to be longer. Too high rust resistance will affect other properties, and will be harmful to operators.

4. The cleanliness determines the workpiece precision and cutting tool life.The cleanliness is largely determined by oiliness agent, extreme pressure agent and emulsifier.

5. In addition, when a variety of metal materials machined on same machine equipment, it may have a negative impact on the coolant, especially when copper and aluminum parts and steel parts are mixed. Copper-aluminum and copper-steel will produce electrochemical reactions in the aqueous liquid to reduce the PH value and cause corrosion of aluminium or steel. The coolant supplier must increase the corrosion inhibitor of copper and delay the chemical and electrochemical corrosion of copper.

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Custom Precision Aluminum CNC Parts

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