How to ensure the precision parts?

TopWio Precision Machining has earned reputation by customers from different countries. So how do we ensure the precision products in our daily processing? Here are some guidelines given by our technical manager.

First, Choose the right tool. It is difficult to machine precise stainless steel parts. The important thing is choosing cutting tools. Here we will look at the selection of cutting tools by material, the difficulties of processing and the solutions.

1. When turning stainless steel on CNC lathe, carbide tool materials are commonly used: YG6, YG8, YT15, YT30, YW1, YW2 and other materials; high-speed steel tools commonly used including: W18Cr4V, W6M05Cr4V2AL.

2, The selection of tool geometry angle and structure is also important:
Front corner: It is better to choose 10 to 20 degrees cutters when turning stainless steel.
Rear angle: Generally 5 ~ 8 degrees is more suitable, the maximum is 10 degrees.
Edge inclination: generally choose λ -10 to 30 degrees.
The surface roughness of the blade should not be bigger than Ra0.4 ~ Ra0.2.

Second, the difficult points of machining stainless steel parts are as follows:

1, Machining process hardness causes tool abrased faster, and it is difficult to chip.

2. Low thermal conductivity causes faster plastic deformation and tool abrasion of cutting edge.

3, The accumulation of debris can easily cause small pieces of powder to remain on the cutting edge and cause poor machined surfaces.

4. The chemical relationship between the tool and the material being machined results in hardening and low heat conductivity, which not only causes abrasion , but also causes tool breakage and abnormal fracture.

Thirdly, the solutions to the difficulties as follows:

1. Using high heat conductivity cutters.

2. Sharp cutting edge: Wider edge band of chip breaking groove can reduce cutting pressure, so that chip removal can be well controlled.

3, The best cutting conditions: improper machining conditions will reduce tool life.

4. Choose appropriate cutting tools: The stainless steel cutting tools should have excellent toughness, cutting edge strength and coating adhesion should be high.

How to ensure the precision parts (3)
How to ensure the precision parts

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