Different Types Of Hardware And Stamping Parts

Hardware: It can be used to make knives, swords and other types of art or metal devices via manual machining. Modern hardware is more extensive, such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, building hardware and security supplies.

There are various kinds of hardware products with different specifications, but hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Choosing good hardware accessories can make decorative materials safer and more convenient to use.


(1) Outer door lock (2) handle lock (3) drawer lock (4) spherical door lock (5) glass window lock (6) electronic lock (7) chain lock (8) anti-theft lock (9) bathroom lock (10) padlock (11) number lock (12) lock core


(1) drawer handle (2) door handle (3) glass door handle.

Door and window

(1) hinge: glass hinge, corner hinge, bearing hinge (copper, steel), pipe hinge (2) butt hinge: sky-earth axis hinge, torque hinge (3) track: drawer track, sliding door track, folding door track, hidden door track, arc track, crane, glass pulley (4) bolt (5)door suction (6) ground suction (7) Spring (8) door clip (9) door closer (10) pin (11) door mirror (12) anti-theft buckle suspension (13) press bar (copper, aluminium, pvc) 14) beads, magnetic beads


(1) Steel saw (2) Hand saw blade (3) pliers (4) screwdriver(5) tape (6) screwdriver (7) pointed tongs (8) bevel tongs (9) glass rubber gun (10) straight handle twist drill (11) diamond bit (12) electric hammer drill tool(13) hole opener (14) open spanner and plum wrench (15) pull riveter (16) butter gun (18) hammer (19) movable wrench (20) Steel tape, box ruler and rice metre.

Sanitary accessories

(1) faucet of washing pool (2) faucet of washing machine (3) delayed faucet (4) flower sprinkler (5) soap dish rack, soap butterfly (6) single cup rack, single cup (7) double cup rack, double cup, (8) paper towel rack (9) toilet brush bracket, toilet brush (10) single-pole towel rack, double-pole towel rack (11) single-layer shelf (12) multi-layer shelf (13) towel rack (14) beauty mirror (16) soap liquid (17) hand dryer parts

Kitchen appliances parts

(1) kitchen cabinet basket (2) kitchen cabinet hangings (3) sink, sink faucet (4) scrubber (5) lampblack extractor (Chinese, European) 6) gas stove (7) oven (electricity, gas) 8) water heater (electricity, gas) 9) pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank (10) gas heating furnace (11) dishwasher (12) sterilizer (13) bathroom bar (14) exhaust fan (top, window, wall type) (15) water purifier (16) skin dryer (17) food residue processor (18) electric cooker (19) dryer (20) refrigerator

Mechanical parts

(1) Gear (2) Machine Accessories (3) Spring (4) Seals (5) Separation Equipment (6) Welding Material (7) Fasteners, Connectors (8) Bearings (9) Drive Chain (10) Furnace Head (11) Chain Lock (12) Casters, Universal Wheel (14) Chemical Pipeline and Accessories (15) Pullet (16) Drum (17) Tube Clamp (18) Workbench (19) Steel Ball (20) Wire Rope (20) 21) Bucket teeth (22) crane pulley (23) hook, grab hook (24) through (25) roller (26) conveyor belt (27) nozzle, nozzle joint

Furniture accessories

(1) Furniture hardware foot (2) Furniture hardware frame (3) wood screw (4) hinge (5) handle (6) slide (7) partition pin (8) hanger (9) nail (10) head beater (11) toothrubbing machine (12) multi-station machine (13) pneumatic lever (14) castor (15) five-star foot (16) spring (17) zipper (18) bubble nail (19) horse nail (20) furniture machinery

Different Types Of Hardware And Stamping Parts

Different Types Of Hardware And Stamping Parts

Stamping parts

Material and mold

We usually use Rockwell hardness tester to test hardness of hardware stamping parts. Small stamping parts with complex shapes can not be tested on ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester because of small pieces. The PHP series portable Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these stamping parts. Alloy stamping parts are the most commonly used parts in metal processing and mechanical manufacturing. Stamping process is the processing of separating or forming metal strip with mould. It is widely used in different industries.

Stamping process includes blanking, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Stamping materials are mainly including hot-rolled or cold-rolled metal strip materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc.

1. hardness testing of stamping parts

Testing hardness of stamping materials is to determine whether the annealing degree of metal sheet is suitable for the subsequent stamping process. Different kinds of stamping process require different hardness levels of metal sheet. Aluminum alloy sheet used for stamping can be tested by Wechsler hardness tester. When the thickness of material is more than 13mm, it can be tested on Barkholder hardness tester. Pure aluminium or low hardness aluminium alloy sheet should be used on Barkholder hardness tester.

2. Hardness testing of stamping mold.

The main material of stamping mold is die steel (including tool steel and high-speed steel), sometimes carbide is also used.

Stamping mold usually requires high hardness and wear resistance, also heat treatment process is essential.

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