Common Problems And Solutions Of CNC Machining Center

1. Sudden loss of parameters (OMD system)

FANUC: our company has a machining center has a issue that 930AL and CRT displays bar messy code in the operation , but all parameters lost after the restart, and then input parameters in the startup state machine lathe can operate normally, I do not know what is the reason? Please give a suggestion. Thank you very much!

A: the sudden loss of parameters may be related to the memory board, battery or external interference. 930 also indicates that external interference may cause abnormal CPU operation and system alarm. It is also maybe motherboard or other PCB faults.

2.926 alarm (18i)-There is a 926 alarm on one machining center, no other information except alarm information on LCD of the control system (at that time, the temperature in the electronic control cabinet is higher), I do not know why, please advise. Thank you very much!

Answer: 926 alarm (FSSB alarm) causes because of the fault of FSSB (servo serial bus) connecting CNC and servo amplifier. This alarm occurs if there is a problem with the FSSB, fiber optic cable, and servo amplifier. You can verify fault location using LED on the servo amplifier. If the power supply of a servo amplifier has issue, an FSSB alarm will occur. FSSB alarm is triggered due to the power supply voltage controlled by the amplifier fault generator drop, or the +5V grounding of the encoder cable, or other reasons for power failure. Replace the shaft control card if the shaft control card fault is diagnosed by the above measures, replace the shaft control card on the main CPU board.

3.Alarms (0imate-B)-Recently, 920,911,930 alarms often appear in one lathe of our company, among which 930 is the most. Please provide technical support, I will be very grateful.

A: 911SRAMPARITY: (BYTE1) parity error occurred on some program storage RAM. Clear RAM completely, or replace SRAM module or motherboard. Then reset the parameters and data.
920SERVOALARM(1-4AXIS)This is the servo alarm (axis 1 to 4). A monitoring alarm or RAM parity error occurred in the servo module. Please replace the servo control module.
930CPUINTERRUPT CPU alarm abnormal interruption. Bad motherboard or CPU card,fault parts can be identified by switching parts. In addition, the machine lathe grounded and external interference must be noted

4. Parameters cannot be rewritten (BJ-FANUCOi-MB) hello, our company has a new machine center made in Taiwan. After the new machine is installed, we tested the machine and found that axis B cannot return to zero. When the B-axis turns to the zero-return switch, it starts to decelerate. But soon after the B-axis turns back, there will be No. 90 alarm . It can’t return to zero. I don’t know why, please help solve it.Thank you very much!

Answer: alarm no. 90 indicates that [when it doesnot meet the condition that, when returning to the reference point at the speed of more than 128 pulses equivalent with the position deviation (DGN. 300) in the direction of return reference point, the CNC receives 1 revolution signal at least once], and this alarm occurs when it returns to the reference point. Check: 1. Zero speed; 2. the signal of one turn.

5. Machining center(FANUC-18iM)-When machining lathe is started up after a period of disuse, an alarm occurs: 701: OVERHEAT. FANMOTOR. After checking the alarm, they found that cooling fan of CNC system is out of order. But after inspection, it was found that the fan was working normally and the alarm could not be eliminated. Finally, only change the #0 of parameter 8901 from “0” to “1” to shield the alarm.Could you please offer any help?, thank you!

A: the fan is broken, but it can still turn. You have to buy a new one to replace it.

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6, Machining lathe alarm (FANUC-18) CNC machining center alarm occurs after the spindle overload, alarm number is 751, spindle servo module alarm number is AL-73,please advise how to repair?

Answer: motor sensor signal is disconnected. (1) alarm occurs when the motor excitation is turned off (a) the parameter setting is wrong,please confirm the sensor setting parameters. (b) replace the cable when the cable is broken. (c) sensor adjustment fault, please adjust the sensor signal. If the signal cannot be adjusted, please replace the connecting cable and sensor. (d) please replace SPM or SPM control PCB when SPM is out of order. (2) when the cable is touched (spindle running), an alarm may occur that the wire may be broken. Please replace the cable. If cutting oil intruded into the connector part, please clean it.

7, 408# and 409# simultaneously alarm solution (FANUC0MD) – What is the reasons of 408 and 409 alarm on machining centers.

A: it is unlikely that 408,409 alarms will appear at the same time. Poor communication cause 408, that is to say, there is no communicate the spindle amplifier and the system (memory board) . Spindle amplifier without power, or broken interface causes 409 alarm The specific alarm number is displayed on the amplifier.

8. After the alarm “611,9113” appears in the fan (0i-mate-tb) system, then we found the cooling blade fan of the power module does not work, but it works normally after replacing another blade fan. Confirm fan is broken, then we buy the same type of fan to replace, it still displays alarm afore-mentioned (fan runs normally).This fan is from the same manufacturer but current is 0. 03A than original 0. 1A. Switch it to the FAN on the spindle drive module, then no “611,9113” alarm appear, but “FAN” flashes on the CRT, which will not affect the machining. Should the fan be detected not by thermistors or other detection elements, but only by the current?

A: it is better to buy same model FAN.”FAN” flashing on the CRT because there is a problem with an external FAN on the heat sink of the spindle drive module

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