CNC Turning Service

Precision CNC Turning is a machining process where the work piece rotates and the cutting tool remains stationary. Precision CNC Turning is used to describe removing material on the external surfaces and boring is used to describe removing internal surface material. Both turning and boring are completed on a CNC, computer numerical control, lathe.

TOPWIO (China top CNC machining service supplier) offers CNC turning service for custom machined parts with close tolerances. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered CNC parts manufacturing company, we not only focus on producing but also providing good quality CNC turning parts.

Our continued investment in the newest, advanced CNC turning lathes allow us to provide tight tolerance component with unmatched accuracy and consistency.

Most of our CNC turning machines are equipped with additional spindles and toolings to enable the automatic machining of complex parts in one process to eliminate costly handling.

The Advantages of CNC Precision Turning

  • High Processing precision and stable quality
  • Reduce the labor intensity as the high automation production
  • CNC turning processing can simultaneously processing multiple surface.

What We offer

  • One-stop CNC Turning Service
  • Enable parts accuracy and quality with our skilled engineers
  • Surface roughness can be reached to Ra0.4
  • State-of-the-art CNC machines,Flexible control

Precision CNC Turning Work Flow

machining process

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